The Creator of Schmooz media & Leader of Daddy's Digest

Marketing, community & engagement expert

Zoe Share is the marketing talent you wish you already had.
Zoe's Core Values
What I believe in:
- Driving growth and demonstrating purpose.
- Embracing complexity without being complex.
- Being efficient and following through.
- Adding value to community.
- Showing up with solutions and asking clarifying questions.
Over the years, I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to work with some amazing brands, talent and like-minded people.
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Zoe has been such an important part of my support network as a business owner and an absolute joy to work with. From our very first meeting she has inspired me to take action and helped me accomplish some important goals this year. She is always well-prepared for our meetings, full of ideas and strategies to help take my business to the next level. When I have a problem or challenge, Zoe has a solution. I consider her as more than just an online marketing consultant, she's a partner helping me create my vision.
Lisa Z.
CEO and Founder
Zoe has passion and vision that has helped our business come up with unique ideas.
Wendy Hamilton-Share
Executive Director
& Co-founder
Working with Zoe has been so incredibly reinvigorating; ...a consistent ability to hear and improve upon constructive feedback and overall implementation is exceptional.
Christan Bosley
President & Broker of Record
"Zoë's passion for her work is impossible to ignore, and it spreads throughout her entire team. If you are looking for a deeply passionate and inspiring individual to work with, I would highly recommend Zoë."
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Digital Strategy
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Speaking, Workshops and more
A passion for Brands who do good, Zoe is a connector. She has a broad network.
Brand Leaders
Zoe Share helps clients and partners be authentic, clear, and serve their audiences. She is:
Problem Solving
The first step is studying...
I believe that your business will be most successful when your marketing is tied to clear goals and clarity of purpose, vision, and mission.

Studying patterns, listening to other and research are closely tied together. Focus groups, client interviews, community conversations on social media, surveys and data analysis pave the way.
Then the ideating starts.
For every challenge I meet with, I carefully consider what I need to explore in order to face it. Experience-driven strategies and industry-leading data will help fulfill your creative needs and marketing campaigns.

Strategies start to form in a open brainstorm. It's not neat, but it's full of creativity and fire. It will get refined later in the process
It's a partnership.
I have expertise in building brands on social, and I want any client or partner to understand the value I add, not simply trust us blindly. I strive to include client education in our approach to providing services.

For me, collaboration also includes cocreation, influencer campaigns, brand integrations (helping to build partnerships or VIP programs) and much more. Your business may feel like a vacuum sometimes, but we are all connected.
Responsive not reactive.
Iteration is the name of the game in social media. Though I am not usually responsible for implementing all the work, I like to be a partner who can see a strategy through. Finding out what works is an ongoing process – and I like to help clients learn and grow with you over time.
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