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Bringing Toronto’s Oldest Real Estate Brokerage to the Instagram Generation

Bosley Real Estate is a 92-year-old brokerage with over 200 representatives and locations across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. This fourth-generation family company prides itself on being an adaptive, community-focused, and integrity-driven team – core values that must extend to every facet of their highly competitive business, including social media.






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Social Media, Audience Assessment, Branding
Will Perkins
Director of Brand Strategy
December 16, 2020

The Business

Founded in 1928, Toronto's Bosley Real Estate is one of Canada's oldest real estate brokerages. Bosley engaged Schmooz Media in early 2019 to take over management of its social media channels, create meaningful cross-platform content, execute a digital ads and community engagement strategy, and run digital/social workshops for its agents and brokers. Schmooz Media also supports a number of individual Bosley agents based in Toronto, providing a suite of services to support their professional social media channels.

The Roadmap

With Bosley’s stated goals of increased social media community engagement and increased overall brand awareness, Schmooz Media proposed the creation of a revamped social media strategy and visual identity. The Schmooz team was to continue carrying out existing digital activities begun by the internal Bosley team as this new strategy was developed. The development of this strategy and updated visual identity would include the following activities:

  • An in-depth digital audit of the brokerage, its competitors, and the real estate industry
  • Interviews with key stakeholders and agents
  • A core values workshop to help the brokerage firmly define its core values

Additionally, Bosley wished for its digital activities to stress the company’s dedication to fostering a positive work environment and thriving community, and by extension, act as a recruiting tool for new agents by increasing the company’s “brand halo”. With this in mind, Schmooz Media proposed a subset of social media activities and content focused on company culture and existing agent profiles.

The Solution

After seamlessly assuming responsibility for all digital marketing activities from the internal Bosley Real Estate team, Schmooz Media began a transition phase that encompassed the implementation of the new social media strategy and ongoing content creation. Part of this transition phase included maintaining and leveraging existing partner relationships relevant to Bosley’s social media channels, including ongoing collaborations with House & Home and Old Toronto.

Social Media

Social media content creation, which was drafted for approval in 30-day chunks, included daily social media posts and stories – optimized for multiple platforms and designed to engage Bosley’s ideal audience segments – drafting and publishing of SEO optimized blogs, and the development and management of iterative ad campaigns intended to drive traffic to the Bosley Real Estate website. Stressing an iterative approach, ongoing monthly content creation would be informed by data gleaned from insights and analytics. Those same insights and analytics were provided to the Bosley leadership team in the form of a monthly report on key performance indicators (KPIs) along with relevant recommendations for how content should be crafted.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Bosley Real Estate pivoted to focus on their core belief of community, providing both agents and customers with key market insights and education about how changing economic conditions were impacting the industry. With Schmooz Media’s support, Bosley placed a renewed focus on video content creation and meaningful community engagement, empowering its agents to do the same.


With the long term realities of the pandemic forcing all industries to rethink their approaches to digital marketing and engagement, Schmooz Media proposed a strategic refresh for Bosley Real Estate in late 2020, designed to increase community growth and engagement with video content. After nearly 100 years and countless ups and downs, the storied real estate brokerage continues to build brand equity and expand its digital footprint – all while supporting the local community and its agents during this time of adversity.

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